Workers Comp Injuries

Our goal is to return the worker back to their job safely and with greater knowledge of safe practices along with improved job performance and efficiency from their rehab process. 

At Springer Physical Therapy, we assess and rehab the physical and functional ability of the worker while treating many components.  These components include, but are not limited to, aerobic endurance, maintaining proper work postures, ergonomics of the job, executive functioning, as well as, strength and range of motion required during the job.  All of these components must be performed in a safe manner without compromising the worker's rehab process.

Successful return of the worker requires understanding the worker's job description, the worker's medical restrictions per the physician, the employer's need to return the worker to their job and the nurse case managers job to manage the bottom line of everyone. All of the above require timely communication among all parties. 

We hope to assist the employer with an earlier return to work performing some form of transitional duty or modified return to work program. Evidence is demonstrating this is a way to keep the worker from losing confidence in their physical ability to perform their job. Working and providing for their family is so important to maintaining a sense of their identity.


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