Telemedicine/Video Conferencing via

Easy and Confidential Access to In-Home Physical and Occupational Therapy

Connect virtually with a PT/OT on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer from work or form home.  We utilize that is encrypted and HIPPA compliant.  Your well being and privacy are our top priority.  All virtual PT and OT visits are just as private and secure as if it were in person.

Convenient, Consistent PT/OT Treatment

Virtual treatment ensures that you can continue your PT/OT program without interruption of essential rehab. Your physical wellness is just as important today as ever.  DO NOT let staying at home keep you from getting well and being your best self!  The virtual visit can be for new patients or existing patients.

Trusted Physical and Occupational Therapy Providers

Clinical treatment is provided only by our licensed physical therapists and occupational therapists.  Our online PT's and OT's are trained to practice telehealth in their scope of practice for clinical assessment, education and exercise progression.  They are experts in their field with many years of experience to determine if your treatment is best for you online or if it is best suited for in clinic treatments.

Getting Started with is simple and easy to use and meets security and confidentiality requirements.  There is no download or account required.  Just click the link ( to join for a video call.

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